Sunday, February 19, 2012


Subscene is one of the places to go when you need subtitles. Sadly, their search interface is nigh on goatse. Double sadly, they don't provide a scriptable interface... heck, they don't even use vanilla links - they hide their downloads behind javascript callbacks, preventing fully automated downloads with simple wget/curl solutions. Yeah, I could try watir or johnson or selenium or... Blech. So... rather than writing an obscene letter to them to complain about this, I wrote obscene instead.


  obscene title date [filter] [language]

It saves the resulting filtered list of subtitle matches in a local HTML file based on the name of the given search parameters. The links within that file point to the final download pages on subscene.

I might add some more niceties to it later, like auto-loading in your default browser and better filtering options, but 80/20, this is gold.

Easy, simple, clean filtered subtitle searches - all from the command-line. Sweet. Enjoy.

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