Saturday, February 18, 2012


Weather education in terms Australian farmers can understand.

Heh... that's cute.

Hmm... no climate dogs here in China. They don't pay much attention to
forecasts either. They dress to the calendar, not the weather forecast (or even the actual weather). So, it might be an unusually warm winter morning prompting Bee & I to take a few layers off before heading to the market; with everyone else sweltering beneath their padded jackets.

It's not unusual to have kids throw up in class because they're forced to sit there in their jackets (it *is* February (winter), after all).

The locals ask us with incredulity, "aren't you cold?!" when they see us in less than Arctic apparel. We feel like asking them back, "Can't you *feel* the temperature? Can't you *see* the sun? Can't you read the weather forecast? Can't you smell your armpits?" But we smile and say, "no." Of course... if we ever get a cold, boy are we in for it then... "See?! You don't wear enough clothing!" come the admonishments.

The edges of the seasons provide the most entertainment if you're into spotting Dress Deficiency Disorder - people in shorts and a T-shirt in the face of an early cold front in Autumn (affectionately called here the Autumn Tiger - he can bite both ways); or passed out in a pool of their own vomit beneath a mountain of padded clothes on an un-calendarily warm winter's day.

But no climate dogs. I shouldn't think that importing them would be a good idea... Dogs here perform far more culinary than climatic roles.


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