Sunday, April 15, 2012

The Platypus

Vim and Vigor #16 - The Platypus


  1. I'm kinda hoping you're kidding when you say 'clearly created by a higher intelligence'...

  2. Oh, c'mon! Bill Joy was a pretty smart fellow, and Bram's no dummy.


  3. They don't have a pouch. Monotreme. Not marsupial.

  4. Fair. That was my bad. Thanks for pointing that out. I erroneously thought that they did. They *should* have, just to keep the mix freaky. The reason that I *ass*umed they did is because their Monotreme cousins, the echidnas, do indeed have a pouch. So, your distinction on the grounds of monotreme vs marsupial is not accurate here. This monotreme has not a pouch indeed; the other one however does. Freaky family!

    Parodying my flub there, the Vim analogue could well have been written as:

    Built-in shell integration, but lacks asynchronous process communications.

    (Note to the judicious: Just in case you're inspired to correct me on the above Vim statement... Yes, it's half-wrong. Just like my pouch statement in the graphic is half-wrong. That was the point of the parody.)

    What I *should* have written in the graphic instead is: Produces milk for its young, but lays eggs!