Saturday, May 5, 2012



Apologies to JRK

If you can write your code when all about you
Are wasting time and blaming it on tools;
If you can :find your &path when work you do,
And not get caught in GUIs like the other fools;
If you can move without thought to motion,
Or address your :ex with the love afforded :normal;
Or ask for :help and consider your :options,
And yet don't act on #vim too formal;

If you can think in regex and yet know when to pass;
If you can record your steps and play them back on wont;
If you can meet with :registers and :marks

And pull from them the things you want;
If you can cast your charms without the mouse debased,
Poised atop the keyboard with a graceful whirl;
Or yank and put betwixt the 'paste;
And carve your objects without a purl;

If you can :map your keys to do your bidding
And :command that actions be taken
And write a script when it is fitting
And release it as a plugin unshaken;
If you can :set your favourite options
To change :au the event that has come
And so code on with new &filetype adoptions
Allowing not an end to the awesome fun.

If you can look upon your :buffers list
And :b not bound by impartial mates;
If neither quickfix nor preview you miss
And with your :compiler your projects :make;
If you can :split the window beneath you
Housed in :tabs each their own glimmer -
Yours is the Edit and everything u,
And - which is more - you'll be a Vimmer!

p.s. everything bolded is a Vim :help topic.


  1. This is awesome. Nice play on Kilping too. Man, I've got to share this. :D

    1. Thanks, Gaveen. Hopefully Kipling isn't stirring the dirt up too much over this. I used this poem for the first of the Vim Motions poster series.