Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Cunning Linguists

It's the simple pleasures in life...
On a spot of R&R
In the land of #awk afar,
Fortune gave a chance to rant
With a local inhabitant.
If you thought the Orcs morose,
Let me show you one jocose:

       bairui | of course, you could sub awk out for perl|python|ruby|
              | ... but interestingly in my tests, sed and perl
              | (one-liner forms) both failed hard on the 1.5 GB sample
              | data file. awk just chewed it up. Sure, a proper perl
              | script could deal with the problem better. Point is:
              | embrace polygramy.
    zendeavor | i am an archfag
    zendeavor | who cares about polygamy
    zendeavor | :)
       bairui | and i said  polygRamy   ;)
    zendeavor | typo
       bairui | play on words: polygamy = more than one sexual partner;
              | polygramy = more than one language
    zendeavor | i got it
galaxywatcher | polylingual
       bairui | but that lacks the pun
galaxywatcher | multilingual even.
galaxywatcher | You seem like a cunning linguist
       bairui | gram = grammar; ah, i enjoy your cunning stunt, sir.
galaxywatcher | I thought it was a punt
       bairui | if that's what the play calls for, then punt;
              | if it's rough and tumble, employ a stunt
galaxywatcher | grunts
       bairui | well, that was blunt
galaxywatcher | and plump
       bairui | sir, i do not mean to affront
       bairui | let's not let this come to thumps
       bairui | i'm sure we can be friends if we could just get over
              | this little hump
galaxywatcher | That's worse than mumps.
galaxywatcher | Good year blimps fly over humps like runts tumble
              | on nips.
       bairui | it seems you've glimpsed my lumps to strike blunts
              | and grumble your lips
galaxywatcher | The pair of lumps that straddle the cage? Or the pair
              | of lumps that dangle near change?
       bairui | would you sir have me in rage? I demand at once to
              | know your gauge.

I especially liked his cage/change line. Well played, sir. :-)

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