Sunday, August 5, 2012

I Do Not Like To Travel, Man

I Do Not Like To Travel, Man
Barry Arthur, 2012

I do not like to ride a train;
To go by bus or take a plane.
Breathing smoke; Sneezing folk;
Whining kids; Locked in grids.
No, no, no! If it's all the same,
I think right here I shall remain. 
The 'net has much for me to see;
Without the need to cross the sea.
I go over, on or under it
While in my comfy chair I sit.
I wouldn't care if it were free;
Travelling is simply not for me. 
I like to be in places strange,
But getting there is such a pain.
If only I could blaze around,
'T'would my desires make unbound:
Lunch in Paris on la Seine;
Cena di Roma; Home by ten. 
Alas right now 'tis but a dream;
To see the world upon a beam.
And instead we're made to take
Wretched, infernal carts of freight.
Until the tech can help me here,
I'll surf the net and sip my beer.
So, thank you for the journey plan, — but,
I do not like to travel, man.
ode to osse