Thursday, October 11, 2012

Chewed Out

"peddling a double standard"

Tony Abbott squirmed in his front-row seat through a thumping of Gillard gall, having his asshole chewed out for him as Julia demonstrated numerous accounts of sexist and misogynistic quotes from the leader of the opposition in a political maneuver that highlighted Abbott's hypocrisy in calling for the resignation of Peter Slipper over an alleged series of lurid text messages he sent to a former staffer.

Perhaps Slipper should be removed from "high office" for such offences.
Perhaps Gillard shouldn't have defended such uncouth behaviour.

Maybe. Maybe not. Not mine to opine.

What I can say, though, is Gillard got her smack on that day and Abbott was left with the definite look of someone put firmly in their place. Ouch.

I haven't enjoyed parliament time as much since the raunchy days of unbridled Keating.

Enjoy the full fifteen minute schooling Gillard gives Abbott in documenting insults and slurs along with the date and place each shameful comment was said and unleashing them in a tirade of witty and ferocious criticisms.