Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Bodhi Distro

Waving, Not Drowning

#bodhilinux (freenode):

11:37:07           pug | anyone awak?
11:37:10           pug | awake..
12:05:42       sceptic | nah pug nobody is ever here anymore
12:06:39       sceptic | it's pretty much a dead distro
12:18:50    faithless1 | sceptic more like dead channel
12:20:18           <-- | faithless1 (~faithless1@ has quit (Quit: Abandonando)

Our distro is the Bodhi, right?
Yet our channel burns not bright.
Carefully chat you by and by
And let no scpetic ill imply.

Neither is there Bodhi distro;
Nor yet a channel dead.
Snce in reality all is Void,
What you miss is in your head.

Apologies to Hui-neng.

I have recently switched to the Bodhi distro after Ubuntu 12.x made an utter mess of the i915 Intel video drivers. I tried Bodhi a few versions and many months ago. I liked it then and I was reminded why upon my return now. It is a very pretty distro and yet has the stability of the Ubuntu repositories behind it. Hopefully this time I get to sit for longer under the Bodhi tree.