Friday, March 21, 2014

Oh Vim, you so pretty

Oh Vim, you so pretty
— willmarshall on #vim
Aye, the years have been kind to Vim. She started out quite a plain lass from a simple, hard-working folk who didn’t have the means for the finer things in life. She toiled hard throughout her early years, learning and adapting to the changing workplace and ever increasing demands of her clients. Along the way, the awkward young girl blossomed into the stately matron Vim is today; masterly capable at her job and stylishly dressed at it.
When I started coding, on a C64, it was in a simple B&W editor. Then I upgraded to TurboC (<3) where I had the luxury of a couple of colours on that pleasant blue background. At uni, we had a massive line printer that screamed source code line at a time in a consistently jagged font with letters variously on, above or below the intended baseline; reading printouts was a necessary evil back then. When I saw my first printout from TurboC (or was it Turbo Pascal?) with its bold keywords and italics comments, I was in love. These days, with a thousand colour schemes containing millions of colours across dozens of colourable screen sections… we’re spoilt for choice, and waste our time exploring accordingly. Pick a colorscheme that doesn’t make you rage; get on with your real task.
Personally, for Vim I tolerate: jellybeans, eddie and neverland.

Edit: I have been using Apprentice for months now.