Saturday, January 14, 2012

The Things Vimgor Knows

(as at January 14, 2012)

:*; :-*; :filetype; :help; :helptags; :kill_kittens; :noh;
:nohl; :open; :unsure:

about; admin; admins; align; anyone; ask him!; ask;

Bear!; Blockwise visual; backspace; beginning; bgrep;
biscuit; bof; bots; bs; bufexplorer; buffers; but;
butterfly; bw

CSExact; Cowsgo; caps lock; capslock; card back; caret; cat;
cheat sheet; cheatsheet; chip; clipboard; cockie; color;
color-check; colorchart; colors; colorscheme; colorschemes;
colour; colourschemes; command-t; compatible; conque;
cookie; copy; cream; csapprox; ctab

debug; deleting buffers; delimitMate; didn't work; doesn't
work; drchip; duck; dvorak; dvsm

easter egg; easter eggs; easter; emacs; enc; enter;
everything; evil away; evim; example vimrc

FuzzyFinder; facts; ff; fileformat; flying; fuckthecloud;

fugitive; fun; tabs

ggVG; gnome; gnome-terminal; godlygeek; good night!;
goodnight; google; gundo; gvim; gvimgor

hates away updates; he's back!; hello; help!; help2; hi!;
hi; hidden; hjkl; html and php; html with php

idea; imho; indent; indent-guides; infobot; insert mode;
installer; intro; irc; is useless; iterm2


Kill!; kittens; knock, knock

LearnVim; LustyExplorer; latest; latex; latex-suite;
latexsuite; leaders; learn vim; learning curve; lettuce;
libtermkey; life; lisp; logs; lol; long lines

MetaCosm; macros; macvim; mail lists; map esc; map;
mapleader; mapping; mixed-filetypes; modeline; monastery;
movement; mru; mswin; mswin.vim

NERD; NERD_Commenter; NERD_Tree; n; nails; nancy; netlib;
neverland; nlnul; noh; nohl; nohls; none; noremap; nr

off-topic; omnicomplete-ruby; ops; owner

paste; pastebin; pathogen; pcre; perl; php with html; pick;
programming fonts; python-indent


rails; rails.vim; redir; regex; regexp; reghelp;
relativenumber; rename.vim; reply; respond; restart-vim; rnu

Shelley; s/null; say yes; screencasts; scripting;
scriptnames; scroll; scrooloose; sex; shell;
shell-integration; shibboleth; shut up!; shut up; slimv;
smartindent; snipmate; space.vim; sparkup; speeddating.vim;
statusline; stupid bot; sudo; sudoedit; supertab; surround;
surround.vim; syntastic; syntax

t_Co; tab; tabs; tabular; talk; term-issues; terminal;
terminalkeys; text-objects; thank you; thanks anyway;
thanks; thx; tim-tiny; tips; tutorial; tutorials

ubuntu; ugt; usehelp; user commands; usr_41

vba2zip; vi; vidir; vim; vim's learning curve; vim-bindings;
vim-latex; vim-minimal; vim-mode; vim-tiny;;
vimball; vimdoc; vimhelp; viml; vimlatex; vimpire; vimrc;
vimscript; vimtabs; vimtiny; vimtutor; vis.vim; vsearch;

wallpaper; weird error; what's up; whichwrap; why hjkl;
win32-patched; window; windows; works for me; worthless

xptemplate screencasts; xptemplate