Thursday, November 8, 2012

The Many Faces of % in Vim

Pity the poor Vimmer for he has so many a face to put to percent:

Help Topic Description
N% go to {count} percentage in the file
% match corresponding [({})] (enhanced with matchit.vim plugin)
g% enhanced match with matchit.vim plugin — cycle backwards through matches
:% as a range, equal to :1,$ (whole file)
:_% used as an argument to an :ex command as the name of the current file
"% as a register, the name of the current file
expr-% in VimL as modulo operator
expand(), printf() and bufname() in VimL use % in printf-like format specifiers
'grepformat', 'errorformat', 'shellredir', 'printheader' and 'statusline' various options use % as a printf-like format specifier
Regular Expression Atoms:
Match locations:
\%# cursor position
\%' position of a mark
\%l specific line
\%c specific column
\%v specific virtual column
\%( non-backref capturing group
\%[ sequence of optionally matched atoms
Numeric character specifier in matches:
\%d decimal
\%o octal
\%x hex (2 digits)
\%u hex (4 digits)
\%U hex (8 digits)
Absolute file or string boundaries:
\%^ start of file (or start of string)
\%$ end of file (or end of string)
\%V match inside visual area

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